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Collaborative Learning

At Koo Wee Rup Primary School we structure our Collaborative Learning areas in Junior, Middle and Senior teams. Our focus is on developing each student to reach their full potential by; providing challenging learning, promoting excellence and high standards and catering for the individual needs of our students.
Our teachers work together to utilise evidence-based teaching practices, a school wide curriculum based on AusVELS and using assessment to monitor student learning progress and inform teaching. The development of our Shared Expectations has enabled students and staff to understand how to collaboratively learn together.









Visual Arts




Student Voice

Student Voice is a great opportunity for students to develop their skills in community participation and publicly voicing their opinions.
The Student Voice Team at Koo Wee Rup Primary School consists of four school leaders, four sporting house captains and one home-group representative elected by their peers. They meet fortnightly to implement their initiatives.
Students Voice focuses on the welfare of the student body by collaborating on needs and interests and then actioning them through organising student initiatives.
This year Student Voice have had a Road Safety Awareness, Active Healthy Lifestyles, and overcome social issues by promoting positive attitudes in the playground.
An important role of Student Voice is the planning and running of our student driven assemblies every second Thursday afternoon. 

Student Engagement and Wellbeing

A child’s wellbeing and engagement in school is paramount to success at school. At Koo Wee Rup Primary School we are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for our students, staff and the broader community. We have a number of programs in place to ensure our students are respected, feel safe and valued, which are vital for a childs learning and development.

Every Day Counts

Restorative Practices

Foundation Classroom Consequences

Junior Classroom Consequences

Middle Classroom Consequences

Senior Classroom Consequences

Parent Community Code of Conduct

Yard Consequences